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AROPA is a non-profit organization that operates in accordance with art . 37 of the Constitution , Government Ordinance No.26/2000 , the Government Decision nr.503/1991 and Decree-Law nr.31/1954  , as a legal entity , established on the basis of apolitical branches of activity, which brings together by free adhesion legal entities. The headquarter of the association is located on Stirbei Street 2-4, Bucharest. The Association aims at creating and providing an organizational framework for collaboration of its members in specific domains of civil aviation as well as supporting the interests of its members in relation to the central and local public authorities of the State and in relation to any other legal entity . The objectives of the association are :

a. The coordination of actions in order to achieve the activity overall of the private  authorized operators from the civil aviation field;
b. Promoting employers solidarity and  ethics in the relations between the association members;
c. Coherence and collective participation in the development of civil aviation;
d. Provision of support in the development and implementation of its own or group strategy;
e. The coordination of actions in the relation to state administration bodies;
f. Other specific activities in the civil aviation field;

An associate member can be any commercial company that operates in the field of civil aviation and that adheres to the purpose of the association and shall respect the statutory provisions. An associate member does not have voting rights. An associate member may become a member after obtaining a permit from the AACR for the activity that takes place in the the field of civil aviation.

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