Airfield Info

Airfield Name Baleni Airfield
Elevation 201M ; 660 ft
Radio 128.90
GPS  44°47’40.60″N, 25°35’26.65″E
Runway Direction 16/34
Runway Length 900 m
Runway Type Grass
MTOW  5500 kg
Ops HRS  Irregularly
Tourist Attractions The new AEROGETIC airfield is located near  DN 71, between Bucharest and Targoviste (60 km from Bucharest and 20 km from Targoviste), between Mircea Voda and Ilfoveni. The area is very beautiful and picturesque, surrounded by old forests and the Bunget-Ilfoveni lakes. In addition, you can find nearby a variety of interesting things that are worth visiting such as the Royal Court in Targoviste (Chindia Tower) Dealu Monastery, the barracks in which the Ceausescu couple was executed , Renault Development Center (former military airport Boteni) and others.
Cantact Tel: 0040720539921 – PREDA Daniel

0040731024153 – PREDA Dragos

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